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Specialty Dentistry in Carmel, IN

At Elite Smile Dentistry of Carmel, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive care for patients of all ages. As a practice, our focus is preventive dental care, but our knowledgeable dentists and staff have training and expertise in a number of specialty areas, including sleep apnea therapy, laser dentistry, and dental sedation. Keep reading to find out more about our specialty services, or contact our Carmel, IN practice to schedule an appointment.

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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is most commonly considered for patients who are afraid of the dentist, but there are a number of reasons patients may benefit from dental sedation, including:

  • Fear of dental tools like needles and drills
  • Physical or cognitive impairment that makes dental procedures uncomfortable or unsafe
  • Sensitive teeth, gums, or gag reflex
  • In order to complete multiple or complex treatments in a single appointment

We offer two types of sedation: nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. Nitrous oxide is the mildest form of dental sedation. The effects set in quickly and wear off in minutes, making this option ideal for patients who wish to return to daily activities immediately following treatment. Oral conscious sedation is a prescription sedative taken prior to treatment. Patients should have a friend or family member to drive them to and from their appointment and monitor them following treatment.

Soft Tissue Laser

We use soft tissue lasers to treat gum disease in the advanced stages, carefully removing damaged tissues. Then, we use the laser to reattach healthy gum tissue to the teeth, speeding healing time and minimizing discomfort. We also use soft tissue laser dentistry for purely cosmetic purposes. Lasers can be relied on to precisely reshape soft tissue for patients who have “gummy” smiles or whose gum lines are uneven, causing smiles to look crooked or stubby.

Cavity Detection System

For years we’ve depended on X-rays to reveal tooth decay, but even the highest definition X-rays cannot reveal developing cavities. X-rays show more advanced tooth decay, but to identify and begin treatment of tooth decay in the early stages, we use a laser cavity detection system. These systems use frequencies of reflected light to determine where teeth are healthy and where the enamel is weakening, allowing us to stop cavities from forming and conservatively treat decay in the earliest stages.

Digital X-Rays

Traditional X-rays allow our team to view the interior structures of patients’ smiles, but they have a number of drawbacks. The images they produce are not very detailed, they expose patients to great amounts of radiation, and they require time and harsh chemicals to develop. Digital X-rays offer higher-definition images, expose patients to 90% less radiation, and do not need to be developed. Instead, the images are instantly visible on chairside monitors. Our team can emphasize certain areas, zoom in on specific teeth, and easily transfer X-rays to patients, specialists, and insurance providers.

When you need a complete smile again, give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office by calling 317-846-3436 at your earliest convenience!