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Dental emergencies can be sudden, scary events. In the space between one second and the next, you may trip and bang your mouth, or a tough piece of food chips a tooth. Long-seated dental decay can also lead to severe pain with no visible cause. In these situations, don’t wait – reach out to our team at Kristoff & Associates Family Dentistry today if you or a loved one is in need of emergency care. We’ll do everything in our power to treat your case as soon as possible, often on the very same day as the initial call.

Common Emergencies

Common dental emergencies we see include the following:

  • Cracked/broken tooth
  • Dislodged tooth
  • Lost crown/filling
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Jaw injury
  • Oral bleeding
  • Something stuck between the teeth
  • Significant toothache

Preventing Dental Emergencies

So is there any way to prevent dental emergencies? While patients can never eliminate their risk altogether, there are ways to reduce your chances of experiencing severe damage or pain. These include:

  • Most importantly, attend regular appointments twice a year! By allowing our team to inspect your smile at set intervals, we can locate concerns when they’re still small and relatively harmless, potentially saving you from emergencies down the road.
  • Take care when eating foods that are overly tough, sticky, or chewy. When enjoying a cold beverage, don’t chew the ice in your drink.
  • Always use scissors and not your teeth when trying to open difficult packaging.
  • Always wear an athletic mouthguard when participating in a sport where physical contact with people or objects is a possibility.

If you’ve been noticing soreness, pain, or anything else making your teeth and mouth uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office today by calling 317-846-3436 at your earliest convenience!