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An attractive young woman smiling

You’re a successful Millenial – you’ve just landed a great job and you’re finally making a salary that’s fair after years of struggling. You’re excited to be able to finally pay off your student loans and to start saving for your dream home, and maybe even take a vacation when you have the time off. With all these financial goals, you do whatever you can to cut costs and save money where you can. But there’s one area of your life that you should never scrimp on – your smile. Although dental services can sometimes be expensive, your dentist in Carmel knows all too well that you get what you pay for when it comes to oral healthcare. Learn why quality dental care is so important from Dr. David Kristoff.

Why Is Quality Dental Care so Important?

As your trusted family dentist in Carmel, Dr. Kristoff and his team explain that quality dental care is important for many reasons, including:

  • Treating your oral health problems appropriately – not with cookie-cutter treatment.
  • Making you feel understood and “heard,” as a patient.
  • Developing a relationship that makes you want to come back for routine dental care.
  • Making the most out of your dental benefits.
  • Poor quality dental work is not only expensive, but it can also be damaging to both the look and functionality of your smile.
  • Saving you costs on re-doing dental work that’s been completed in a subpar fashion.
  • Keeping your teeth and gums healthy and preventing complications and the need for advanced dental treatment in the future.
  • Helping you retain your natural smile for as long as possible.

Although you might wonder why dental care is expensive, there are generally two reasons this happens. First, some dentists and providers cut corners to provide care that only meets the bare minimum requirements for your dental needs, and second, insurance providers give estimates of costs that are adjustable, often leaving patients with expenses that are unexpected – we’ll do everything possible to give you an accurate projection, although we are sometimes at the mercy of insurance companies. None-the-less, you only get one set of teeth and to make your beautiful, healthy smile last a lifetime, so you should always invest in your pearly whites.

Why Should You Choose Dr. Kristoff for Dental Care?

There are a few reasons you should choose Dr. Kristoff for dental care, including:

  • He has over 25 years of experience in providing comprehensive dental care.
  • He’s a member of over 5 different professional associations.
  • He’s a compassionate family man who strives to treat each patient with the respect and patience they deserve – you’ll never feel like you’re just a number when you see our team.

Now that you know why quality dental care is worth the cost, schedule your appointment with Dr. David Kristoff to receive the superior patient experience you deserve!