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Teeth compromised by decay, infection or oral trauma get a new lease on life with CEREC same-day crowns in Carmel. Custom-made right in the treatment room by Dr. David Kristoff, CEREC crowns restore oral function and smile aesthetics without repeated office visits or gooey oral impressions. Plus, the results are so natural-looking and durable that patients can’t help but smile.

CEREC Crowns Restore Teeth in a Single Visit

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Dr. Kristoff uses this unique type of dental crown to rebuild teeth harmed by deep cavities, injury, congenital malformation, or multiple fillings. CEREC crowns also restore dental implants or teeth saved by root canal therapy.

Creating complete or partial crowns (inlays or onlays), CEREC imaging, design software and in-office milling techniques produce lifelike restorations in approximately one hour. A patient comes to the dental office with a failing tooth and leaves with a lifelike and functional restoration. How is this possible?

Frankly, not all dentists have the ability to create these beautiful restorations. However, the team at Kristoff and Associates Family Dentistry evaluates patients, takes digital impressions, designs the crowns and places them all in one appointment. There’s no need for temporary crowns or long waits for restorations to return from the dental lab. The entire process is in the hands of your highly-experienced restorative dentist.

The CEREC Procedure

After a complete oral exam, digital X-rays and other imaging to determine if a CEREC crown in Carmel is feasible, the dentist removes decayed enamel and filling material from the tooth. He uses an intraoral camera to image the tooth and to create a three-dimensional image, or digital impression as it is sometimes called. The dentist uses the impression and special computer software to design a dental crown that is accurately sized, shaped, and shaded to function well and to complement the individual’s smile.

Then, the CEREC milling machine uses the doctor’s instructions to manufacture the crown out of a solid block of translucent porcelain. This ceramic material is realistic-looking and strong. The milling process takes 15 to 20 minutes right in the treatment room. When it’s done, the doctor polishes the CEREC dental crown and bonds it onto the re-shaped natural tooth.

CEREC Crowns Are So Realistic

Unlike gold, porcelain fused to metal or metal alloy crowns, CEREC crowns fit the prepared tooth right out of the milling machine. Little to no bite adjustment is required, and the color matches adjacent teeth, blending in with its neighbors.

Dentists and patients testify to the durability of CEREC crowns. With daily flossing and twice-daily brushing, along with six-month examinations and hygienic cleanings with Dr. Kristoff, these amazing restorations stay in place for years and give patients great functioning and truly beautiful smiles.

Learn More

Why not find out about CEREC technology? If you need restorative and cosmetic dental treatments, contact us today. He will evaluate your oral health needs and determine if a CEREC crown, inlay or onlay would help your smile.