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There are just some things as humans that we all hold dear. One of them is time. Each of us understands this phenomenon on a personal level, and appreciate any path that safely allows us to hold on to more of this valued commodity. This is the mindset behind the usage of the Carmel CEREC technology, an amazing window into the high-tech future of dentistry. Read on to learn more about this game-changing new avenue in dental care.

The History of CEREC

An acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, CEREC technology first emerged in 1980 and has developed through strategic partnerships and trial tests over the past three decades. Now with over 23,000 users worldwide, the news is getting out about this breakthrough technology in restorative dentistry.

How It Works

Your Carmel dentist will first remove any decay and smooth damaged areas in order for the crown to be fitted comfortably.

The next step is to take a photo of the cavity preparation, which is stored as a three-dimensional digital model, and software is then used to create an image of the restoration shape using the contour of the surrounding teeth. The refined image is then used to direct a chairside milling machine that carves the restoration out of a ceramic block. The entire procedure requires no metal to be put in your mouth.

The Advantages of Using CEREC

The are several benefits to using the cutting-edge technology of the CEREC machine.

  • Time-Saving – Traditional crowns can take up to a few weeks to finish (including the return visit), but the CEREC technology allows the process to complete in one day.
  • Durability – Although the CEREC process is fast, it is also efficient and durable, as the imaging delivers precise measuring with diamond-head cutters to ensure proper fitting and prevent unnecessary wear.
  • Lower Cost – Because the process is so much simpler than traditional crowns, requiring fewer visits, the cost is usually less.
  • In cases of Emergency – Not only does this process offer time convenience, but it also provides relief in emergency situations where a tooth is cracked and needs immediate restoration.

So, thanks to this new revolutionary technology you can still head out to the Pacers game tonight, and enjoy watching them beat up on the Bulls, able to eat, drink and get the full experience with your new single-day CEREC crown.

About the Author

David J. Kristoff, DDS has been delivering quality dentistry to the Carmel community since 1985. A graduate of The University of Notre Dame and The Indiana University School of Dentistry, he continually expands his knowledge through several professional organization memberships and continuing education, such as the American Dental Association, Indiana Dental Association, Indianapolis District Dental Society, and the International College of Dentists. He practices at David J. Kristoff, DDS and can be reached for more information through his website.