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About Elite Smile Dentistry of Carmel

Elite Smile Dentistry of Carmel deliver the best of both worlds: we use technologically advanced tools for clinically excellent dentistry coupled with a patient-centered approach. Our total focus on you and your family is the cornerstone of our long-established Carmel dental practice. It’s why generations of families entrust us with their family’s smiles!

smiling middle aged woman

High-Tech Care with a Personal Touch

We care about your comfort at Elite Smile Dentistry of Carmel. If dental visits make you nervous, you’ll enjoy the peaceful relaxation of nitrous oxide or oral sedation that eliminates fear and makes time fly during your appointment. From the minute you come inside our office we warmly greet you with comforting and help welcome you to our dental family.

Our Unique Philosophy


We believe that it is important to use the “golden rule” in all of our relationships in our practice. We treat you the same way we would treat our friends and family. We will always be honest with you in all of our discussions about your dental condition and treatment solutions.

Health and Life Expectancy

We believe that healthy people live longer and therefore can enjoy life better. Studies show that if your teeth and gums are healthy, you are more likely to live 10-20 years longer.


We believe that when excellent quality is coupled with a fair fee, your long-term costs end up being a much better investment than paying low-cost fees and getting low-quality results. Often, the “cheapest” alternative does not end up being the least expensive.


We believe that today’s dentistry is ALWAYS less expensive than dentistry that is delayed. We believe prevention is always less expensive than fixing more complex problems in the future. Therefore, necessary treatment done correctly and promptly will always be the most affordable option.


We believe that an attractive smile can help you in your social and professional life. An attractive smile will enable you to exude confidence and achieve happiness in your life.


We believe that in today’s modern dentistry, you can achieve and maintain optimal oral health. Using our advanced technologies with our comfortable techniques, we will minimize your anxiety concerning dental treatment.


We believe that everyone’s time is valuable. We respect your time by being prompt and efficient in providing our services. In return, we ask that you respect our time so we may deliver on our philosophy.


We are blessed to have patients in our community and appreciate the opportunity to serve them. We believe helping one person in any way possible enhances the quality of the community as a whole. We feel that community involvement is not an option – it is our responsibility.


We believe that by investing in technology and continuing education, we are able to save you time and money. We can also reduce or eliminate potential problems in the future. Our state of the art technology provides you with the best dental services.


We believe in investing in the best personnel that we can find. This enables us to use our talents, technology, education, and communication to deliver the highest level of service to you and the ones you love.